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For parents and caregivers:

Please see our sister site, the Child, Family, and Community Research Network (CFCRN), to join our list and be notified of future research opportunities for which you or your child may be eligible.​

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For professionals and community members:

Much of our work is collaborative, involving partnerships with schools and organizations in the community, as well as with those at other universities. We are always open to forming new partnerships and serving our community. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

For undergraduate students:

Are you a UM student interested in joining our team as a research assistant (RA)? Join us! Opportunities are available for students to participate as an RA on a volunteer basis or for course credit. A minimum commitment of 8 hours per week for 2 full semesters is required. We typically consider new applications several weeks prior to the start of the semester in which you want to volunteer. Please email Dr. Evans to learn more.

Update (3/20/2022): We DO anticipate openings for new RAs to join us this upcoming summer and fall!

For prospective Ph.D. students:

I mentor doctoral students in the Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Miami. I do NOT expect to admit a student to start in fall 2023.

The graduate admissions process is competitive and imperfect. Strong applicants typically have a solid record of experience in psychological science, particularly in clinical and/or developmental areas. It is also important to have a passion for pursuing specific research questions in youth mental health and enthusiasm for obtaining clinical training within an evidence-based framework. Individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply.

For more information about our admissions process, see:

Here is one good resource on all things related to applying to Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology:

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Real-Time Understanding of Mood and Behavior in Everyday Life

Are you a parent or caregiver of a child who is 6-11 years old? Is your child sometimes irritable, angry, or moody? Do they occasionally have tantrums, outbursts, or other intense emotions? If so, you and your child may be eligible to participate in the Real Time Understanding of Mood and Behavior in Everyday Life (RUMBEL) Study! You would both be asked to complete a series of assessments over a period of about 30 days. You and your child would be compensated up to $200 or more for your time. To learn more, please contact us by email at or by phone at 305-284-8413.


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